Thank You for Respecting Your Boundaries

It’s one scripted response that I was suggested to use when someone turns down my ask for sexual contact, “Thanks for taking care of your boundaries.” It makes it clear that other people are distinct from us and may not share the same limits and desires as we have. That we aren’t entitled to others’ […]

Violence is Masculine

In our society,Men have a monopoly on violence. This is something that I learned recently.And that I wanna that say I learned it the hard way. . . But given that my face hasn’t been smashed in with a glass, nor my teeth knocked out with a fist (as I was threatened would happen). . […]

One Night Stands

I love one-night stands. I love the moments building up to it: the chase, the teasing, the games of eye contact, the electricity, the thrill of flirtation. I love the moments of decision when you reach that fork in the road, where either the night ends. You go home, rub one out to dispel the […]

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