This is a personal — often too personal — writing project that I’m doing. All of these pieces of narrative non-fiction explore aspects of sex-positivity, sex-based violence, or consent and are centered on some of my experiences that I freely choose to share with you, the reader.

There’s 3 broad themes that have been on my mind so each writing piece seeks to explore experiences around (at least) one of the following themes:

1) Celebration is an Act of Resistance

These are pieces to remind us that having a positive attitude around sex, kink, and self-love is an act of rebellion in our society.

I first heard this phrase from an awesome sex worker activist, Jacq the Stripper. And it’s stuck in my head now. It’s even begun rearranging some of the furniture up there. Other resources where you can learn bit more about this are this book and, maybe only in the madness of my mind, this episode of ContraPoints.

2) A Feminism of Privilege

Celebration is an act of resistance that not everyone can afford to do. That’s why it’s important for those of us with more privilege to raise the bar on what is considered normal and acceptable.

These pieces are self-consciously written from the perspective of being lucky enough to be cis-femme, white, thin, able-bodied, educated, middle class, etc. The intended audience is people who have at least as much privilege as me, to understand how normally stressful experiences become incredibly difficult to bear under our current system of misogynist, patriarchal oppression.

3) Being Seen Through your Eyes

These pieces are reflections on sexual objectification and what the object feels like. The idea behind this section is still a work in progress and I’m still learning about concepts, like the male gaze, to better ground my reflections. If you have any recommendations, I would be happy to check them out.

Protest sign, in Portuguese, that reads, “Woman, ❤️ the guilt that you carry is not your own!”

…And… Since everything in life is a work in progress, especially ideas and experiences, all of this shit might change over time. Gotta add that disclaimer!

Anyway. Thanks for coming by and reading to the end. If you think these ideas are cool, please support me by subscribing, leaving a comment, or sending me a DM.

This project has been a pretty difficult undertaking. I have a lot of fear about candidly sharing my sexual, romantic, and fiercely Feminist experiences — in the past it has rarely been received well. So any words of encouragement, and especially constructive criticism and/or help with editing, images, resources, etc., are all greatly appreciated. And, since I’m being inappropriately candid here, this might be a good time to mention my financial domination fetish (soft moan, capitalism, it’s so erotic). So, if you appreciate this project and wanna stroke my lady-boner by paying my rent, please DM me.

Thanks for reading. And lemme leave you with the tune of a beautiful human:

Oh yeah, and the name of the blog, Perverts & Degeneracy? That’s the bastard love-child of my adoration for all perverts and my massive Natalie Wynn crush.

Plus, I’m a woman. I’m hysterical! I crave the attention 😉

Show me some love, bitch.

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