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  • Coming Out: Slutty

    September 26, 2019 by

    Being slutty is an identity for me, it’s probably my main sexual identity. More than pan, more than queer, more than kinky or perverted, and especially more than polyamorous or non-monogamous. And I’m now embracing my sluttiness in the least slut-shamed way that it has yet been possible for me to embrace this identity. Since… Read more

  • Coming Out: Pansexual

    September 23, 2019 by

    As an “alternative” presenting, slutty woman, I don’t often feel like I have to come out as being into women. In some spaces, it’s always something that’s assumed about me. But even as it’s assumed, it is denied. As I got to this point while writing this piece, I struggled for a long time to… Read more

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